Hello and welcome to our Guesting Repository page! The cosplayers listed on this page have experience in  guesting, award winning cosplays, contest judging, panel hosting, community outreach, commissioned works, company partnerships, and/or more. Please note that this list is ever expanding and changing! 


We encourage you to consider inviting any of these skilled and experienced professionals to your next convention! Please contact the cosplayer directly for opportunities. Please click their image for their contact information and/or social media pages. 

7V2A0970EE - Akakioga Cosplay.jpg

Akakioga Cosplay

Experience - 


Convention Work:

Recent Cosplay Guest -

Ohayocon 2020

Spacon 2019

Sabakon 2019

Yeticon 2019, Featured Panelist

Kentokyocon Prime 2019

Hal-Con 2018

Anime Ohio 2018 - 2019

Midwest Media Expo 2018

OMGcon 2018

Animaticon 2018 - 2019

and more

Recent Panelist Work - 

"Cosplay 101"

"Cosplay and Diversity"

"EVA Foam/Worbla 101"

"Women and Video Games"

"Cosplay Craftsmanship Workshops"

Company Partnerships

Pillars of Eternity II @ PAX East 2018

Dandara by Raw Fury

Technisport: Gaming Chairs

Purple Plum/Arda Wigs

Foamsmeef FoamForge: EVA Foam

Cougar Gaming @ PAX East 2019


VIZ Media

Destructo Disc/Kaijusixtysix Designs

IMG_0133-Edit - Premium Grade.jpg

New York's Sixth Ranger

Experience - 


Convention Work:

Recent Panelist Work - 

"Black Nerd Panel"

"Cosplay and Charity"

"Community Building in Cosplay"

Community Work:

Community Organizer - 

Cosplayers for a Better Tomorrow

Several Cosplay Meetups

Cosplay Charity Work


Celeste Tial

Experience - 


Convention Work:

Recent Panelist Work -

"Building Geeky Communities and Networking", C2E2 2020

"Black Panther and Its Influence on the Nerd Community", Anime St. Louis 2018

"POC Cosplayers Group FAQ Panel", Blerdcon 2017

"Cosplay 101", Comics University 2017

Award Winning Cosplay:

Best Intermediate Cosplay (w/ Seifer's Stitches), Natsucon 2015

Community Work:

Group Moderator -

POC Cosplayers Facebook Group

PoC Cosplayers Website Organizer and Designer 


Community Educator and Organizer - 

Cosplay Tutorial Classes at Star Clipper Comics and Games 

Star Clipper Local Cosplay Contest

Company Partnerships:

Voltron: Legendary Defender, Lion Forge

The Castoffs, Lion Forge

Pros and Cons Cosplay

Experience - 


Convention Work:

Cosplay Contest Directors at large and small conventions in the Midwest

Recent Cosplay Guests and Judges -

Cosplacon 2019

Anime St. Louis 2019

Planet Comicon 2017

and more

Recent Panelist Work:

"Bystander Intervention Strategies for Attendees", Naka-Kon 2019

"Cosplay 202: Let Me Upgrade-Ya", Anime St. Louis 2019

"How to Cosplay Contest", Anime St. Louis 2019

"Cosplay Horror Stories", Cosplacon 2019

Recent Award Winning Cosplays:

Nan Desu Kan 2018 and 2019 - Best Master Overall

Anime St. Louis 2018 - Best in Show

Nan Desu Kan 2017 - Best Master Performance

and more

Community Work:

Group Moderators -

POC Cosplayers Facebook Group

Cosplay Contest Support Facebook Group 

Cosplay Contest Runners Facebook Group